Sport 2000 reported on the first day of the Ispo Munich fair that its affiliated retailers in Germany raised their retail sales by 1 percent to an estimated level of €1.89 billion in 2017. It expects growth of more than 3 percent in 2018. On the other hand, the voluntary group has been working more closely with them as its centralized settlements went up by 6.7 percent last year, after increasing by 7.3 percent in 2015 and 12.2 percent in 2016.

The most successful product segments last year were outdoor shoes, whose sales grew by 11.3 percent; ski boots, which went up by 28.3 percent; and ski equipment, up by 24.5 percent.

Outdoor apparel grew by 4.1 percent, outdoor equipment by 1.3 percent and winter apparel by 8.2 percent, while team sports apparel and shoes went down by 17.3 percent and 6.6 percent, respectively.

Indicating a major slowdown in the running market, the running apparel segment decreased by 10.8 percent, while running shoes dropped by 4.5 percent. The drop is significant in view of the fact that many specialty running shops are affiliated with Sport 2000 in Germany.

As there was no major football event in 2017, the team sports segment declined as compared to the previous year. For 2018, Sport 2000 expects the segment to increase by 25 to 30 percent, mainly due to the 2018 Fifa World Cup. The team sports segment accounts for 8 percent of Sport 2000's total retail sales.

Sport 2000 aims to launch new lines of ski equipment and apparel in cooperation with retailers and suppliers through an official start to the season on the first Thursday in November each year. Sport 2000 also plans a joint online and offline marketing campaign.

The ranking of the group's four major suppliers is unchanged - Adidas, Nike, Amer Sports and Asics, in that order - but Jako has moved up into fifth place. The total number of retail members reached a level of 995 at the end of 2017, with 76 new entries and 54 retailers leaving the group. It grew to 1,000 just before the Ispo show.