Sport 2000 International is planning to gradually create a pan-European organization for category management and logistics. The project is a joint initiative by Sport 2000's national buying groups in Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland. It is coordinated by Sport 2000 International.

Category management has already been adopted by the Sport 2000 voluntary groups in Germany and France. It is meant to shift the focus from the old categories of shoes, apparel and equipment to various categories of consumers, working on joint projects in the areas of digitalization, verticalization, market positioning and data management.

Buyers from the various national organizations that belong to the international voluntary group are going to talk with each other on product ranges and relations with suppliers, particularly in areas like running, outdoor and team sports, where many retailers specializing in these segments are affiliated with Sport 2000, especially in Germany.

Sport 2000 International is also aiming to set up a cooperative online trading platform for affiliated sports retailers like, the online platform launched by ANWR Schuh to connect consumers with the e-commerce sites of the retailers affiliated with the German cooperative.

There is also a plan to set up a common European distribution center, probably in the Netherlands or Switzerland, possibly with satellite warehouses, in cooperation with the ANWR Group, which federates retailers operating about 10,000 shoe and sporting goods stores in Europe. It currently operates six warehouses.

ANWR will pilot the logistic project, starting with the most important products, which would subsequently be adopted by other national organizations. The European DC may be relayed by some buffer stock warehouses.

Following a successful German business model, Sport 2000 International aims to develop new retail formats for retailers specializing in running, outdoor or team sports, with pilot stores in Germany and abroad. The number of categories covered by specialized retail formats will be increased in the future.

Speaking during the Ispo Digitize Symposium organized together with Adidas at the Ispo Munich show, Günther Althaus, chief executive of the ANWR Group, indicated that it wants to create the biggest single inventory of products in Europe by establishing connections between the affiliated retailers to determine their inventories of individual items.