Three directors will jointly run AGU, the Dutch bicycle and sports company, after the retirement of Peter van den Kommer, the group's chief executive and the son of its founder, at the beginning of July. He formerly managed AGU with his brother Jaap, who retired 11 years ago. Dirk de Boer, general affairs manager, and Patrick Ebbeling, manager of commercial affairs, have both been appointed to the management board of AGU, along with Marco Cromben, financial affairs manager. All of them have been working at AGU for several years, which should ensure the stability of its management. This board will supervise the activities of AGU's four subsidiaries: AGU BV, Jacobsons BV, Hesling Products BV and Van Megen Sports Group BV. De Boer will continue to head up AGU BV and Ebbeling will still supervise Hesling Products.