Sport 2000 International reports a decline in the retail sales of its affiliated members of almost 9.0 percent in terms of euros to €4,326 million in 2020, due to the pandemic. The figure includes VAT and applies to the 3,615 stores managed by retailers in 22 countries by the end of 2020 with the exception of Base Detall Sport in Spain and Kuruçayirli in Turkey, which have left the world’s second-largest international buying group in our sector after Intersport International Corp.

The annual general assembly of the group, which took place for the second time virtually, confirmed its intention to focus on the advancement of the digitalization process, the roll-out of a new multi-category format and the further expansion of the specialized Absolute format. It will also pursue new strategic partnerships and seek to identify new strategic business areas.

For example, Arena, Icebreaker and the Newline brand of Hummel have agreed to join Sport 2000 as new international brand partners, and Sport 2000 has extended its collaboration with the Scott Sports Group in the areas of running and outdoor lifestyle.

As previously reported, Sport 2000 Austria has started to handle purchasing of winter sports products at the international level. A similar “center of intelligence” approach is planned to be established in the team sports and running categories. Such initiatives are partly meant to help steer international cooperation on digitalization projects and to expand the Absolute concept.

A digitalization and e-commerce task force has been set up to create synergies between the countries in these areas as part of a plan to launch a central Sport 2000 International website in middle of 2021. It will refer visitors easily and intuitively to the individual countries for the purchase of certain products, in line with the local demand.

There are currently four Absolute Run stores in Germany and one in Dubai. There are also six Absolute Teamsport stores in Germany and one in Austria. First launched two years ago, the new premium format is expected to be implemented also in Hungary, Switzerland and the Benelux countries in the near future.

As previously indicated, the first new multi-category Sport 2000 concept was going see the light in the French city of Chambery in March, but the openng has been delayed to later this year. Another one is in the pipeline at an undisclosed location in Belgium.

Following the repositioning of the Sport 2000 brand, the organization will launch a global campaign in the summer that will define it as a leader in sports performance and the “expert with a human touch.”

The annual meeting of Sport 2000 International confirmed its present board of directors, run by Holger Schwarting, with Matthias Grevener acting as vice chairman. Margit Grosau remains as CEO of the organization as well as Sport 2000 GmbH.

Photo: Sport 2000 International