Harold Sells, a U.S. executive closely connected with the history of Foot Locker, has died at the age of 92. His career started in 1954 when he opened the first store of Kinney Shoes, a American shoe retail chain that was then bought by Woolworth Corporation, where he helped found Foot Locker and other specialty retail chains after being promoted to vice president of real estate and construction in 1966. He became senior vice president of international operations for Woolworth in 1982. He was then promoted to president and chief operating officer a year later, and he became the retail group’s chairman and CEO in 1986. Sells retired in 1993. Five years later, Woolworth renamed itself as Venator, in connection with the deterioration of its original department store business. It changed its name again to Foot Locker in 2001 as it had decided by then to concentrate on the sale of athletic footwear.