A negative foreign currency swing of 3.8 billion yen (€31.4m-$33.3m) led Descente to post a net loss of ¥1,750 million (€14.5m-$15.3m) for the first half of its financial year, ended Sept. 30, against a profit of ¥2,939 million in the year-ago period. Without extraordinary items, net earnings were down by 36 percent to ¥1,633 million (€13.5m-$14.3m) as revenues fell by 4 percent to ¥34.6 billion (€286.2m-$303.3m) in spite of strength in Descente athletic apparel and with Srixon. The company has lowered its guidance for the financial year ending next March 31, predicting net income of ¥5.5 billion (€45.5m-$48.2m) on sales of ¥130 billion (€1,075.4m-$1,139.5m).