A petition filed under the name Saiqa Noreen on change.org alleges that a logo on the sole of Nike's Air Max 270 shoe spells out “Allah.” The petition calls for a worldwide recall of the shoe, lest the name of Islam's Prophet be trampled. As of this writing, it has garnered 24,280 signatures. Replying in a statement, Nike says that it “respects all religions,” that the logo is a stylized rendering of its “Air Max” trademark, and that any other representation or meaning is unintended and accidental. A similar allegation was made against Nike back in 1997, when some of its basketball sneakers bore flame-like logos for “Air Bakin',” “Air Melt,” “Air Grill” and “Air B-Que.” In that instance, Nike recalled 38,000 sneakers worldwide and donated $50,000 for a playground at an Islamic elementary school in the U.S.