A total of 5.9 million customers shopped last year for sporting goods online in Germany, according to Disq, a German service quality institute that ranked the ten major online sports shops in the country. SportScheck.com came out as the best one on its list, followed by Globetrotter.de. Sport-Thieme.de and the newly launched hybrid Intersport.de websitecame next. Disc praised in particular the wide choice of items offered on SportScheck's e-commerce platform. Globetrotter was said to be especially user-friendly. The institute probed the ten websites based on these two criteria and the offer of additional information on the various products. The other virtual stores examined by Disc were, in order of their ranking on its list, Sportbedarf.de, Mysportsworld.de, Sportxshop.de, Sport-Tiedje.de, 11Teamsports.de and SC24.com.