Accell, the growing Dutch-based cycling and fitness equipment group, has acquired Webena, a Dutch specialist in small fitness accessories to complement its own range of larger fitness equipment, sold under such brands as Tunturi and Bremshey. Webena gets an annual turnover of roughly €3.5 million from the sale of more than 1,100 small fitness-related items, ranging from yoga to martial arts and underwater accessories, mostly on the Dutch market. Its product range includes several private labels, such as Pliant for fitness equipment, Buschindo for martial arts and Allright for badminton and table tennis.
Accell Fitness, the fitness arm of the Accell group, describes itself as the second-largest European home fitness company after Kettler, with sales rising fast from about €32 million last year (see last issue), although Icon Health & Fitness from the USA claims a larger business in Europe (see following article). Accell believes that the acquisition of Webena will enable it to move past Kettler in the Benelux countries, where the brand has been enjoying strong organic growth as well.

Furthermore, Accell intends to internationalize the sale of Webena’s products, which were distributed almost exclusively in the Netherlands, with tiny exports to Belgium and Switzerland, using its own growing sales network including subsidiaries in North America, the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland and soon also Sweden. Webena employs 14 people and all of them will remain on board except for Libo Wolffenbuttel, son of the company’s founder, who will retire after handing over the ownership of his company to Accell. The integration should be eased by the fact that both companies are based in Almere.