According to an annual report from Observatorio Cetelem, sporting goods emerged as the Spanish sector with the most total customers and the greatest percentage growth in 2019. All sectors but one (leisure items) saw growth last year, but the percentage of Spanish consumers purchasing sporting goods climbed seven points to 79 percent. Textiles and accessories were up by 10 percent in terms of purchase intentions. By this measure, travel came out on top at 80 percent, with sporting goods at 73 percent. The average Spaniard spent €137 on sporting goods in 2019, which is actually down by 12 percent year-on-year. Bicycles were one of the few individual products to see growth, with average purchases rising by 17 percent to €306. Fashion declined by 12 percent to €487. Meanwhile, according to a study by Showroomprivé, most Spaniards plan to spend more on sporting goods this year. Almost 31 percent expect to be playing more sports and spending more time at the gym, about 23 percent plan to eat healthier, and about 13 percent plan to stop smoking.