According to information given by various market research firms like Regioplan and KMU Forschung Austria, the Austrian sporting goods market grew in 2012 by an estimated 2.1 percent, while the general retail sector went up by 1.1 percent. These figures were presented by VSSÖ, the Austrian sporting goods industry federation, at the Ösfa show in Salzburg. The market researchers estimated a total market size of some €2.3 billion, of which around €1.7 billion is represented by specialty sporting goods retailers. The most important retail players remained basically the same as in the previous years with Sport 2000 holding a market share of 21.5 percent, Intersport 20.5 percent, Sport Eybl 17.2 percent, Hervis 15.7 percent, Sports Experts 8 percent and Gigasport 6.8 percent. By categories, the market was led by summer equipment wit a market share of 38.6 percent, followed by sports apparel (for the whole year) of 26.5 percent, footwear of 11.3 percent, rental of 11 percent, snow sports equipment of 11 percent and services of 2.1 percent.