Adidas Golf has struck a multi-year apparel and footwear endorsement deal with Dustin Johnson. The brand has been working with Johnson for the last ten years. The extended deal comes as the hard-hitting player is enjoying an outstanding year, as 2016 PGA of America Player of the Year, 2016 US Open Champion and #2 player in the world when the agreement was finalized – and part of the U.S. team that won the Ryder Cup a few days later. Adidas Golf says that Johnson's use of the Tour 360 Boost shoes has helped to catapult Adidas Golf footwear to the number two market share position in the U.S., based on Golf Datatech US Retail Reporting, in on- and off-course accounts from January until August. The Adidas Group announced that it wanted to divest its golf equipment business, and its investments in the market will focus on apparel and footwear.