Adidas has launched its first branded fitness app. All Day, available for iOS and Android, is meant to help users stay fit and healthy through tutorials covering a wide range of contents, from yoga moves to healthy recipes. The app also allows to track health-related aspects such as movement, nutrition and sleep. The holistic approach to fitness that the new app is meant to convey is the result of collaborations with experts in different fields. As for nutrition, users can get tips from Candice Kumai, the American professional chef, while Adriene Mishler advises on yoga sessions and Stephen Cheuk, the celebrity trainer, on work-out and virtual work-out sessions. The selection of music for both work-out and relaxation is curated by DJ Nina Las Vegas. Also in the wearables market, Adidas acquired Runtastic, a digital health and fitness platform, in 2015. The company has announced plans to shut down its MiCoach fitness service by the end of 2018 in favor of Runtastic's new platform.