On Feb 25, at Madrid’s Instituto de Comercio Exterior, the Spanish Association of Sporting Goods Manufacturers and Distributors (Afydad) pitched what it called the International Pádel Cluster (CIP) to a gathering of about 60 professionals with ties to the sport. The CIP’s objective would be to federate the various companies involved – producers of equipment, apparel and footwear, providers of raw materials, retailers, distributors, importers and exporters, event organizers, court installers and so forth – and lobby internationally on their behalf. Not only would the CIP operate under the aegis of Afydad but its members would in turn receive full membership in Afydad itself. Taking part in the pitch were the department chief at ICEX (an agency of the Spanish government that promotes exports and investment abroad), Fernando León; Afydad’s president, Andrés de la Dehesa; the director of SportPanel, Jaume Ferrer, who explained the CIP’s objectives for the next few months; and the current director of the CIP, Jorge Gómez de la Vega, who is also the former chief executive of a pádel company, Star Vie. In May, the CIP will be holding a first general meeting to set bylaws, establish a hierarchy and duties, and lay down a first-year and mid-term plan. According to Afydad, a majority of those present for the pitch expressed enthusiasm.