Alibaba vigorously protested about comments made by an official of China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) last week, claiming that more than 60 percent of the products sold on its Taobao marketplace were fake and that the company was not doing enough to fight counterfeiting. It was even alleged that a related report had been withheld to avoid disrupting Alibaba's initial public offering on Wall Street last September. In an unusually sharp reaction, Alibaba has accused the official of “procedural misconduct” and stated that it would defend its reputation. The two parties apparently attempted to end the spat later in the week when Jack Ma, Alibaba's founder, met with the SAIC chief. Ma reportedly told an audience in Hong Kong earlier this week that the dispute was being resolved. He added that Alibaba had 2,000 full-time employees to help monitor counterfeits and that he had helped send 400 people to prison in connection with trademark rights.