Altra, the footwear brand owned by the Icon Health & Fitness Group, unveiled a new smart shoe at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week. The Altra IQ is powered by iFit, the Icon group's digital platform for fitness tracking and recommendations. A thin multi-sensor system is embedded in the full length of the midsole in each shoe, tracking a range of factors for the runner's performance and running biomechanics. Instead of just measuring steps and distance, it provides important information on running form, such as foot strike zone and running symmetry. The shoes wirelessly transmit the information to an iFit app or an iFit smart watch, enabling Altra to provide personal recommendations and improve or optimize the wearer's running technique. Runners can even collect the data without carrying a smart phone or watch during their run since the information is actually stored in the shoe. The Altra IQ is built on the same last as the brand's Impulse shoe.