Himaraya, the Japanese sporting goods retailer, said that it suffered a loss of nearly 2.5 billion yen (€19.0m-$20.8m) for the first quarter of its fiscal year, to the end of November. This compares with a loss of ¥955.8 million (€7.3m-$7.9m) for the same period last year. Sales were off by 3 percent to nearly ¥127.3 billion (€967.1m-$1,056.7m) for the quarter. For the full fiscal year until the end of August, the company is forecasting a sales increase of 4 percent to ¥621.2 billion (€4,720.2m-$5,156.7m), while net income is predicted to reach ¥11.4 billion (€86.6m-$94.6m), an increase of 13 percent.