Mou is a French word that means “soft.” It is the name of a brand of comfortable, warm, eco-responsible sheepskin boots marketed worldwide by a company in Florence, Artcrafts International, that owns and distributes eight other brands. It doesn't distribute Ugg, but it has been the Italian distributor for another one of Deckers' brands, Teva, since 2008. It recently took on the distribution of another brand of Deckers, Hoka One One, but not Ugg. It is also the Italian distributor of a couple other important footwear brands, Crocs and Toms.

Mou shoes are made with natural materials. They use sheepskins and rabbit furs that are by-products of the meat and dairy industries. They also use antelope skins that come from government-regulated culls in South Africa, again produced as by-products of antelope meat.

Orginally a cult label in London, the brand was launched on Portobello Road in 2002 by Shelley Tichborne, who still owns the brand, out of a desire to create an original type of luxurious footwear that can stand as an antidote to the pressures of modern city-living.

The current range, which is made by hand in China and India, features maverick antelope cowboy boots, calfskin slippers and eskimo bootsand nanuk goatskin boots. Boots with wood soles are part of the first summer collection of the brand, which is currently on sale and is visible on its website. 

The Mou collection is marketed and sold by Artcraft all over the world, excluding Latin America, generating an annual turnover of between €10 million and €12 million. The biggest markets are Italy, Spain, Germany and the U.S. It is sold in fashion boutiques, shoe stores and department stores.