Asics claims to have developed a running shoe that reduces ankle movement by almost 20 percent. The Metaride, as the shoe is called, emerged from two years of research and development at the Asics Institute of Sport Science (ISS) in Kobe, Japan. The key component, says the company, is the Guidesole3, a “rocker sole” designed to propel the runner forwards with less energy expense, providing a sense of effortlessness. A runner who expends less energy from the ankle can go for longer runs, according to the company. The sole is cushioned in the middle with Asics' Flightfoam and Gel. It is also weighted at the heel for “easier leg swing.” The Metaride is the first model in a new energy-saving line that expands the design and materials to products at a variety of price points. Asics plans to release a take-down model in the autumn.