Asics has announced the launch of the Asics Reborn Wear Project (ARWPJ), which aims at giving new life to sportswear in view of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The company will collect around 30,000 items of used sportswear to recycle into official uniforms for the Japan Olympic and Paralympic teams that will compete at Tokyo 2020. The project is open for all and accepts clothes of any brand until the end of May, or earlier if the required amount of clothing is received before that date. Collection boxes will be set up at Asics retail stores, sports retailers and sports events. The collection boxes will display a barcode that allows users to access a dedicated website and sign up for an e-mail newsletter. The registered users will receive messages from athletes and information on Tokyo 2020, as well as progress reports about the rebirth as official wear of the clothing they have donated. The project will also feature a content generator that allows users to digitally frame photos of sportswear with sentimental value for them and post them on social media.