Asics has launched the Ultrezza AI, a football boot developed with Andrés Iniesta, who spent 16 years playing for FC Barcelona before moving to the Japanese club Vissel Kobe in 2018. The release marks the ninth anniversary of Iniesta's winning goal for Spain at the World Cup Final in South Africa. At its Institute of Sport Science – which sits alongside corporate headquarters in Kobe, Japan – Asics undertook a “detailed analysis” of Iniesta's style of play and factored in advice from Iniesta himself to design a boot that could increase the wearer's ability to dodge opponents and control the ball. The shoe is lined with fuzeGEL, a proprietary cushioning material. Its upper is made of leather in the front and stretchable mesh and film in the center. Asics began accepting online pre-orders for the Ultrezza AI on July 15. The boot hit Asics' retail stores, the official Vissel Kobe online merchandise store and sporting goods retailers on July 28.