Asics has teamed up with Tayin Research & Development, a Taiwanese company, for the development of a new technique that is said to create personalized midsoles in just 15 seconds using microwave technology. The development is still in the testing phase but the sports brand said the use of microwave production technology could reduce energy consumption by nearly 90 percent as compared to its standard midsole manufacturing technique. The innovative process is also said to be quicker than the 3D printing techniques that are currently being tried out by other footwear brands. The components for the new midsole come in the form of colored pellets. Once the customer has chosen their favorite colors, the pellets are put into a mold in the microwave, where they are fused together to create the midsole. Asics stressed the new technology could revolutionize the in-store experience by allowing customers to personalize the color of the midsole and upper of their shoes on the spot.