BJ Sport, the subsidiary of Active Brands that has the rights to the Bjørn Dæhlie brand of cross-country skiwear, will be the new supplier of clothing to the Norwegian Cross-Country Ski Association, following Swix' previously reported decision not to extend its contract and focus instead on biathlon. Active Brands will hold the rights for four years, starting in May 2014.  There were apparently several other players in the running for the Norwegian team. Observers noted the fact that Erik Røste, who has been the president of the Norwegian Ski Association since June 2012, also acts as chairman of Active Brands, but he told reporters that he effectively removed himself from all negotiations and did not play a role in the final decision. The cross-country ski association is part of the Norwegian Ski Association. Both parties have been unwilling to disclose financial details related to the deal. The agreement also stipulates that Rode, the ski wax brand owned by Active Brands, may become the preferred waxing partner of the Norwegian Cross-country Ski Association. It is also possible that Active Brands will supply boots and poles in addition to clothing, although these products are not currently in the company's portfolio.