Briko is launching a new cycling helmet that is said to considerably raise the bar in terms of the cyclists' awareness of what is going on around them, for maximum safety. The Briko Cerebellum One features a smart microprocessor under the liner, complete with radar, front and rear full HD video cameras, multi-sensor GPS and a gyroscope. The helmet offers seven functions: black box, rear-view live mirror, rear collision warning, SMS crash alert, LED position light, Full HD still and video cameras, and dehydration alerts. The hardware and software is controlled via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi using a dedicated app, available for both iOS and Android. In the case of a collision with a vehicle or an accidental fall, the Cerebellum One automatically activates its SMS crash alert, allowing a selected contact to be informed and geolocalize the cyclist. The helmet is going on sale at a recommended retail price of €490.