eVent Fabrics, a Missouri-based developer of waterproof/breathable solutions for apparel, has announced that a company based in Hong Kong, Performax Pro,  assumed full ownership of the eVent brand on June 30, after acquiring it from Parker Performance Materials for an undisclosed sum. Performax Pro is a provider of performance fabrics in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Performax Pro and eVent have been collaborating since 2013 in the development of high-performance waterproof membrane laminates for the outdoor industry, military and workwear markets. In 2018, Performax Pro became the distributor of eVent membrane technology in Asia, excluding Japan. Following the acquisition of the brand rights, Performax Pro has now set up two entities to manage sales and marketingoperations for the eVent Fabrics brand: eVent International, based in Hong Kong, and a U.S.-based subsidiary, called eVent Technology.

eVent Fabrics first entered the sports scene in 1999, claiming to have set a new standard for air-permeable and waterproof membranes in textiles. In 2004, the company was acquired by General Electric (GE). GE’s Air Filtration business based in Kansas City, Missouri, started to manufacture eVent membranes and waterproof fabrics. There was a lot of expectation that GE’s money would allow the brand to compete against the likes of Gore-Tex.

Although the new ingredient brand managed to attract a good number of clients, exhibiting at all major trade fairs, the ultimate breakthrough never took place. It seems that the largest contender’s supplier contracts and its strong image among consumers made it difficult for eVent and others to compete effectively. Eventually, GE withdrew from all trade shows and stopped trying to build a brand image for eVent, while continuing to supply the membranes. Parker Performance Materials acquired the brand in 2017.