According to reports in the Portland-based Oregonian newspaper, Nike has launched a new round of downsizing measures. A first phase over the summer involved more than a hundred vice-presidents, says the newspaper. The current phase is now reportedly hitting so-called “S-band” employees – namely some of the most senior and highest-paid staff after the company’s top executives and vice-presidents. They are understood to be involved mainly with the wholesale channel, which the brand is de-emphasizing, according to Sam Poser of the Sesquehanna Financial Group, who noted that the company has budgeted $200 to $250 million for severence fees and other employee-termination costs during the current fiscal year. Another reason for the downsizing seems to be the shift in category management from a variety of sports to just men’s, women’s and children’s products. The article, signed by Jeff Manning, recalls that even though the total number of staff members who will lose their jobs has not been disclosed, a company notification to the state of Oregon in August mentioned more than 500 layoffs in that state alone, where Nike’s world headquarters is located. Under the helm of its new chief executive, John Donahoe, Nike has stated that it wants to become a “flatter, nimbler” company.