Adidas has announced that it will give a Corona thank you bonus to all the members of its staff of about 60,000 employees around the world for Christmas. Regulations introduced by the German government will make the bonus free of taxes and social charges. The bonus will amount to up to €1,000, depending on the purchasing power in the respective country. “Our employees have worked tirelessly for the well-being of our company under the difficult conditions of the Corona pandemic. With this one-off payment we want to acknowledge the commitment of each and every one of them and say thank you,” said Adidas’ chief executive, Kasper Rorsted. Around 33,000 Adidas employees work in the company’s own stores and 8,200 in logistics. To make up in part for the losses suffered by the group at the beginning of the Corona crisis, the members of the executive board and other managers waived part of their salaries and the shareholders approved a reduction in the dividend to zero.