Asics has unveiled four proposals that it has selected this time in the framework of the Asics Accelerator Program, its business partnership accelerator program for start-ups. The four selected start-ups are: Japan HealthCare (Grand Prize) for its proposal on “Kids Foot Health Checkup for Your Smartphone;” Paronym (Award of Excellence) for its proposal on “Creating platform to provide personalized contents by utilizing TIG and connecting customer data;” SensinGoodLab for its proposed “Development of navigation shoes for the visually impaired and deployment of services using location-based data;” and Backtech for its proposal on how to “Connect with Asics Health Care Check Program to provide the function of ‘execution of fitness and support mental health.’” These four companies are all headquartered in Japan. Application enrollment began in October 2020.

The theme for this program was “Sound Mind, Sound Body.” Asics solicited ideas for products and services that will use its technology and brand “to contribute to improving both mental and physical personal health, improve lifestyle fulfillment for more people, and also create new value.” The selected start-ups will team up with Asics to conduct test-marketing and demonstrations and will also draft business partnership plans, Asics said. Eight finalists made their final pitch to the jury. The other four participants were Ghoonuts (Japan), MindFi (Singapore), Bonx (Japan), and Existo (Italy).