Witta Oy, a Finnish manufacturer of injection-moulded pipe fittings and other industrial plastic products, has agreed to take over the manufacture of toy sleds, snow shovels and other snow toys from another Finnish company, Orthex Corporation, which has decided to concentrate on storage and other household items. The contract, whose terms have not been disclosed, doesn’t include any trademarks. The transfer of the moulds and production tools has already taken place in preparation for the next snow season, but the company still has to talk to the buyers. Witta plans to make further investments to develop the product line, as it wants to “make kids’ cheeks red.” Witta says it has gained significant experience in recycled plastics and various bioplastics and components. Run by Wille Viittanen, the family-owned company will turn 50 years old in 2022. It employs more than 20 plastics professionals in Heinola.