Asked to comment on British press reports on the subject, Frasers Group, the owner of the Sports Direct chain of sports shops and other assets, says that its annual general meeting last week approved a special new £100 million (€110m-$129m) bonus program that would be open to the majority of its staff of 30,000 employees. The payout would only be triggered if the company’s distressed share price more than doubles within the next four years to reach a level of at least £10 and stay at that level for a sustained period of time. The employees would be eligible to receive the bonuses in cash if they qualify for their loyalty and hard work, or in shares if they prove outstanding performance. The recipients of the shares would be limited to 1,000. Called “The Fearless1,000,” they could be awarded shares worth between £50,000 and £1 million. Observers feel that it will hard for Frasers to reach the share target. The group, which is controlled by Mike Ashley, has not had a bonus scheme for its employees since 2017.