“Content is king,” says the homepage of sportshop.cloud, a Bavarian start-up that helps more than 500 sports and outdoor brands to collect, process and provide product data, text and content ready to use in their B2B websites. Operated by Zandy Media, which was only founded in February 2019, sportshop.cloud has been acquired by Fashion.cloud, a six-year-old B2B platform specializing in fashion and footwear with offices in Hamburg and Amsterdam. Its founder, Andreas Schmid, will head up Fashion Cloud’s sports division in the future, together with Henrik Havel, who joined Fashion Cloud in February as sales manager. With a staff of roughly 70 employees, Fashion Cloud claims to be an all-in-one solution for sharing product data and information, smart buying, pre-ordering and post-ordering. It has been organizing a virtual order show, the Digital Fashion Week, since the summer of 2020.