Shawn Carter, the 51-year-old American rapper and business mogul globally known as Jay-Z, has invested in LIT Method, a fitness company specializing in at-home fitness training, through his venture capital firm Marcy Venture Partners. The financial details of the investment have not been disclosed. LIT Method is a Los Angeles-based fitness company that offers the possibility of doing a wide range of low-impact training routines on one machine, called the Strength Machine. It combines cardio, barre, strength training, rowing, physical therapy and pilates, allowing for more than 500 low-impact exercises, LIT Method claims.  Adrian Gonzalez, a former Los Angeles Dodger and five-time MLB All-Star, is also investing in the company. LIT Method was founded in May 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, by Justin and Taylor Norris.