The Grenoble Commercial Court has named the Bourrelier group as the new owner of Mavic, the historic French brand of cycling accessories specializing in high-tech wheels that was recently divested by Amer Sports. Mavic went into receivership in May, as reported by SGI Europe on May 11, after posting a net loss of €12.8 million in 2019 on sales of €70 million, as compared to a loss of €9.1 million on sales of €88 million in 2018. Bourrelier is a public company that formerly owned Bricorama, a French home improvement retailer. It is still involved in the sector through the Gamma and Karwei chains in France and Belgium, generating annual revenues of more than €200 million. Bourrelier reportedly provided a plan that would save 105 jobs at Mavic, about half the current staff, while leaving the production in Saint-Trivier-sur-Moignans, in France’s Ain department, and Mavic’s R&D facilities in Annecy, near Salomon’s head office. It was one of 14 candidates to the acquisition including Fox Factory, which pulled out a few days before the court’s final decision.