Capranea, which describes itself as “Switzerland’s leading alpine-inspired luxury brand,” announced today that it has secured a strategic private investment aimed at driving its global expansion. The message sounds similar to Moncler’s almost simultaneously announcement of its takeover of Stone Island. Capranea has signed a deal with the Progression Brands Group (PBG) to take a share in the company and become its “operating partner” in order to enhance its presence in North America. It will also expanding its offering of lifestyle-oriented products. To help accomplish this, Ian Widmer, president and CEO of PBG, has been named CEO of Capranea, taking the place of Marc Haensli, who founded the Swiss company 12 years ago. He will become chief brand officer. Tobin Briggs will take care of operations, and Paul Phillips will be in charge of marketing. PBG, which has offices and showrooms throughout North America and Europe, works with two other Swiss ski-related brands, Dahu and Movement, as well as Crazy Idea from Italy.