Prevayl, a start-up specializing in “intelligent” and connected sportswear based in Manchester, has secured a £7.5 million (€8.7m-$10.6m) pre-revenue investment that is supposed to help the company “take wearable health technology to new heights.” The investment has been made by Stonebridge, the private equity fund headed by James Cox. Prevayl was founded by Adam Crofts, a former personal trainer and Prevayl’s current CEO, alongside David Newns (chairman) in April 2019. The company will launch its products to consumers in the fourth quarter of 2021. Prevayl’s garments are described as “elevated smart clothing” that allows the wearers to connect their body, via invisible technology, to an app that monitors performance and recovery. Despite their key technical component, the garments are crafted from performance materials and are designed to look and feel as luxury sportswear, the brand says. They use graphene, a material that has been developed by the University of Manchester for applications to various sports. The garments incorporate sensors and make use of biosignal analysis, advanced analytics and fast data streaming. At launch, the brand will consist of three distinct elements - the sportswear, the hardware and the app - underscoring the company’s vision to be at the interface of the athleisure and tech industries.