To meet rising international demand and orders for pádel products, CMDsport reports, Time2Padel hopes to expand its European presence this year in two key markets by opening four franchises in Sweden and 15 in Italy. The chain already has two Italian stores, in Milan and Rome. The first new franchise will be opening in the Sicilian city of Syracuse. There are plans for a sixth Spanish store, in Barcelona, as well. We may recall that a Spanish competitor of Time2Padel, Padel Nuestro, has already opened a store in a Swedish city as well as in Syracuse as part of its own strong international expansion. Time2Padel’s expansion is fueled in part by an internal study showing that the international demand for new pádel courts rose by 15 to 20 percent from May to June of last year, afer the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic. To expedite its expansion, Time2Padel has hired Belén Montes, an Argentine ex-player with expertise in marketing and foreign sales. Time2Padel was founded in 2012 as an organizer of tournaments and vendor of paddles and other products for pádel. It now operates in 19 countries through physical and virtual stores. It controls the Padelmania retail banner as well.