Under Armour is reportedly looking for an investor to take over MyFitnessPal (MFP), a food consumption and exercising app and website that it bought for $475 million in 2015, at around the same time as Adidas’ $220 million acquisition of Runtastic and Asics’ $85 million buy of Runkeeper. MFP offers a gamification component to motivate its users. They were 80 million at the time of UA’s purchase. MFP is part of UA’s Connected Fitness segment, which also includes MapMyFitness and Edmondo. Its revenues rose last year by 13 percent to $136.4 million, generating an operating profit of $17.1 million, the first one after four years of losses. Three years ago, UA wrote off the segment’s intangible assets for $12.1 million, and last year it also wrote down its goodwill for $28.6 million.