CrossFit has lifted the ban on non-Reebok footwear in the CrossFit Games, its annual summertime competition. Reebok will continue to supply apparel for the Games, but competitors may now wear shoes from their own sponsors, which include Nobull, Under Armour, Inov8 and Adidas. Reebok became the title sponsor of the CrossFit Games in 2010, acquiring a license to sell apparel and footwear under the CrossFit brand. The company began supplying shoes for the Games in 2014, and in exchange CrossFit instituted the rule for Reebok footwear. Last June, however, CrossFit filed suit against Reebok, claiming that the Boston-based brand had secretly changed its method of calculating royalty payments and had thus underpaid CrossFit to the tune of $4.8 million. CrossFit also claimed that Reebok had failed to spend a required $57.75 million to market the cross-branded products. Reebok denied the claims but settled the suit in August 2018. The terms, although undisclosed, included royalty payments to CrossFit.