The Anta Group has announced a new agreement with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) that commits both parties to jointly invest more resources on sustainable environmental development, to drive the sustainability transformation of the textile industry and enhance biodiversity conservation. Based on a three-year collaboration framework, the two parties will promote innovative solutions for a greener textile industry, including to reduce energy consumption per unit of industrial value added by 30 percent and water consumption per unit of industrial value added by 22.5 percent. Among other joint measures, Anta and the WWF have committed to work toward reducing the total emissions of major water pollutants cumulatively by 15 percent, as well as to support various forest and landscape restoration projects, the first of which will be initiated in areas of Beijing and Xishuangbanna, Yunnan. In addition to supporting joint projects, Anta has committed to further the sustainability transformation of its self-managing supply chain system, including measures to: reduce over-packaging, gradually replacing the material of plastic bags from PE to 100 percent recyclable LDPE, exploring possibilities of zero or at least less plastic packaging, and using more of recyclable or FSC-accredited paper materials for paper packaging. In March 2019, Anta, which led the consortium of investors that completed the acquisition of Amer Sports last year, is the first Chinese sportswear company to partner with the WWF. It was already the Chinese partner of this year’s Earth Day in March.