On its website, Lululemon has detailed a number of pledges in response to the riots in the U.S. It will hire a “head of global diversity, equity and inclusion” and boost the budget of its “diversity, equity, and action” team by $5 million a year. It will establish “pacer” groups of under-represented employees, starting with a group of black employees, to gauge the progress on such matters. The company will also set up a global advisory committee of Lululemon ambassadors to communicate on the brand’s actions. It will revise its training programs for senior management in July and for retail workers in October. All employees will undergo anti-racism and anti-discrimination training by September. Lululemon pledges in addition to disclose by the end of the year the results of a new, voluntary annual “impact report” on the demographics of its personnel. By August it will have revised its interviewing and hiring policy, by January 2021 it will have instituted a new career development program, and by June 2021 it will have drawn new employees from schools serving “underrepresented communities.” Lululemon already has a social impact program, called “Here to Be,” but its budget for this year will be raised by $3 million to $7 million.