Nike has begun selling reconditioned sneakers at “up to” 15 stores in the U.S., with plans for more. The program is not going to be implemented in Europe until further notice. Inaugurated on April 12, the Nike Refurbished program operates with Nike sneakers returned within 60 days of purchase, which are inspected and “refurbished by hand.” Nike then categorizes them as “like new” (worn briefly), “gently worn” (worn longer) or “cosmetically flawed” (presenting small manufacturing defects or imperfect colors) and sets their price by model and condition. Refurbished sneakers are covered by a 60-day “wear test” as a warranty. Refurbished sneakers that are returned a second time are donated, if they still qualify as “gently worn,” or ground into a proprietary material called Nike Grind. For customers who don’t return refurbished sneakers, Nike is encouraging donations to charities.