On its website Under Armour has published new objectives in its quest to “advance diversity and inclusion” in its ranks. In addition to filling 30 percent of its executive posts above the grade of director with “Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)” by 2023, as it has already pledged to do, the company will ensure that at least 12 percent of these employees are black. By the company’s count, the current percentages for BIPOC and black executives at this grade are 20 percent and 7 percent. For executive successions 30 percent of the position are to be filled by BIPOC and 12 percent by blacks. UA’s current figures are 17 percent and 8 percent. The company will – in a way unspecified in the press release – strengthen the link between executive pay and “representation and inclusion goals.” It will triple its investment in “professional investment for out historically underrepresented teammates” and double its investments in the recruitment of “underrepresented talent.” UA will be reviewing its product development and marketing for BIPOC representation. In August UA will begin training all executives in “cultural competency and building inclusive environments.” It will also be making Juneteenth – the commemoration of slavery’s abolition in the U.S., celebrated on June 19 – a paid holiday. Moreover, the company has signaled a potential change in its supply chain, as it is now “committing to advancing supplier diversity and purposefully creating mutually beneficial business partnerships with diverse suppliers and partners that share our values.”