All of Decathlons' new stores in Russia will be housing Kant shops-in-shops, said a Russian news agency, Fashion United, citing sources at both companies.

The agency quoted Olga Padeyskaya, marketing director of Kant as saying that, although “in the very beginning nobody believed” in the joint project, the collaboration between the two companies proved to be even more successful than they had expected, with a conversion rate of nearly 21 percent as compared to an initial target of around 6 percent.

As we previously reported, the first Kant store-in-the store was opened in Decathlon's store in the Zelenograd shopping center in Moscow on November 2017, featuring international brands as an alternative to Decathlon's private label offerings. Both companies at that time didn't rule out that the project could be expanded in future.

According to Padeyskaya, the two companies plan to open two other stores in a similar format, one in Moscow and another one in the city of Nizhniy Novgorod. Both stores are slated to start operation before the end of this year.

Decathlon operated 54 stores in Russia in June 2018. The company earlier revealed plans to expand its network in the country to 120 stores by 2025. Kant operates 14 stores and has a widespread distribution network in Russia.