Descente reported a 28 percent increase in attributable net income to 975 million yen (€7.7m-$8.8m) for its fiscal first quarter ended June 30, while total revenues went up by 2 percent to ¥30.8 billion (€244.6m-$279.0m), driven by Le Coq Sportif in Japan and the Descente brand in China. Sales in Europe and the Americas combined fell by 6 percent to ¥476 million (€3.8m-$4.3m), but they are expected to grow to ¥4.3 billion (€34.1m-$38.9m) for the full financial year, up from 3.6 billion in the prior year. The group's quarterly revenues went up by one percent in Japan and by 3 percent in the rest of Asia, with a 10 percent jump in China. Globally, the Descente brand recorded a 5 percent increase to ¥12.9 billion (€102.4m-$116.8m) in the quarter. Arena was flat at ¥2.2 billion (€17.5m-$19.9m), but Umbro rose by 17 percent to ¥1.4 billion (€11.1m-$12.7m).