Citing figures from Activate Consulting, Diffusion Sport reports that four Chinese e-tailers now account for 42 percent of the world’s e-commerce, more than tripling Amazon’s share. With its 13 percent share, Amazon is not, in fact, the top player in the sector. That distinction goes to Alibaba, with 15 percent. And another Chinese operator, Tmall, comes in second, with 14 percent. Coming in fourth and fifth are two more Chinese e-tailers: (not to be confused with JD Sport) and Pinduoduo, a one-year-old player that has amassed 600 million customers. According to Activate, e-commerce generates some $3.4 trillion in sales worldwide, and the coronavirus pandemc has accelerated its expansion by the equivalent of five years, according to the American management consultancy. E-commerce growth in the U.S. has risen from 15 percent of the market last year to an estimated 32 percent this year, with more than 50 percent of shoes and clothing bought online during the pandemic. Activate Consulting projects that by 2024 e-commerce will have grown from its present 18 percent of global retail sales to 23 percent, or $6.5 trillion, with a compound annual growth rate of 13 percent. However, it says, physical retail will continue to grow, recovering from a sharp decline in 2020. For those who read this article on our website, here is a link to the study, which covers many other topics.