Klarna, the Swedish retail banking, payment and shopping service, in collaboration with Good On You, has unveiled its first set of sustainable collections in the Klarna app that can be shopped on an ongoing basis. Good On You is a platform for rating the sustainability of fashion brands. Using more than 500 data points, it evaluates the most critical social and environmental issues facing the fashion industry today to assess a brand’s impact on people, the planet and animals - rating each brand on a five-point scale ranging from “We Avoid” to “Great.”

The collections are designed to provide consumers with more transparency about sustainable clothing and help them make informed purchasing decisions. The first collections have been available since Feb. 2 in the U.S., Sweden and Germany and will be available until the end of April. Additional sustainable collections will be launched throughout 2022 and expanded to other regions. No sportswear brands are included in the collections yet, but it’s an interesting start to something that could soon go beyond just fashion. Klarna already features a variety of collections on the app’s homepage to inspire consumers as they shop.

Last year, Klarna launched its Carbon Emission Tracker, one of the largest carbon footprint awareness efforts based on consumer reach, to introduce CO2 data on a global scale and provide shoppers with an average kgCO2 value for each purchase. This year, Klarna plans to expand the tracker to include CO2 emissions at the product level to enable comparisons for specific items. With Sustainable Collections, Klarna wants to take the next step in leveraging its tremendous reach to raise awareness among consumers.