Zalando’s Connected Retail program has attracted many retailers in the Nordic countries, where it has been expanding recently its reach among consumers, notably with the creation of a dedicated Swedish website. Without specifying how many of them are sports stores, a spokesperson for the company said it has now around 50 stores connected in Sweden, around 20 in Norway, around 40 in Denmark and about 20 in Finland.

The program was launched in the region in November 2020. Benefitting from the new wave of retail lockdowns, which has now hit Denmark and several cities in Norway as well, Zalando has already won over the operators of more than 3,000 physical stores in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. Austria, Belgium, France, Italy and Switzerland are due to follow in 2021.

Meanwhile, the increasingly serious Covid-19 situation is raising expectations among investors that Zalando’s relentless progress will continue for a while as more consumers come to appreciate the benefits of online shopping.

Zalando’s share price broke for the first time the symbolic barrier of 100 euros in the course of trading on Monday, Jan. 25, setting an all-time record of €102.15. It closed the session at €98.48, giving the company a market capitalization of €25.7 billion. The stock price had reached a 52-week minimum of €27.50 in March 2020.