Outfitter, one of the online retail chains of Signa Sports United (SSL), has launched its first online store in Japan in cooperation with Aeon. The two partners plan to add other online stores for two other properties of SSL, Tennis-Point and Probikeshop, in Japan next month. The Austrian-based Signa Retail group, which has become a big player in the sporting goods market through SSL, Karstadt Sports and SportScheck, had brought in Aeon of Japan and Central Group of Thailand as partners in SSL at the end of 2018. The Japanese initiatives are being conducted through a joint venture, Aeon Signa Sports United, which was formed in January. Outfitter allows its customers to configurate customized jerseys by Adidas, Puma and Umbro, including their sponsor logos. SSL, which manages about 80 web stores in total, recorded sales of €442 million in 2018. In March, Signa entrusted Richard A. Johnson (no connection with the current chairman, president and CEO of Foot Locker) with the management of its expansion in international capital markets, with a particular emphasis on the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and the non-German speaking European markets. With Johnson, Signa wants to further expand the company’s investor base outside the core European markets.