Dunlop of Japan turned around to net profit of 602 million yen (€4.85m-$5.44m) in the first three months of this year from a loss of ¥864 million in the year-ago period, thanks to cost cuts. Sales were essentially flat overall and in each major category and each major market. They totaled ¥16.9 billion (€136.0m-$152.8m) including ¥12.7 billion in golf equipment and ¥1.6 billion (€12.9m-$14.5m) in tennis equipment. Total sales declined by one percent to ¥9.5 billion (€76.5m-$85.9m) in Japan and went up by one percent to ¥2.4 billion (€19.3m-$21.7m) in North America. They were essentially flat at ¥3.2 billion (€25.8m-$28.9m) in the rest of Asia and at ¥1.4 billion (€11.3m-$12.7m) in Europe.