Dynafit has announced that as of the 2015-16 season, it will supply “Dynafit certified Inserts” to six ski boot manufacturers altogether, beyond its current partnership with Scarpa. The five newly added partners include Scott, Hagan, Roxa, Movement and Fischer, although Scarpa is the only brand, besides Dynafit itself, which has the right to offer Dynafit patented Quick Step in Inserts. The six ski boot brands will use Dynafit-certified Inserts made and inspected from start to finish by Dynafit. Consumers will be able to recognize a Dynafit certified insert through a clear red tag on the boot. Dynafit also said it will work, as of the 2015-16 season, with three ski partners - Movement, Fischer and Look - on bindings “engineered by Dynafit,” thereby entering the Oem (Original Equipment Manufacturer) business as a binding supplier. The company said an exclusive five-year agreement with all three partners is in place. The bindings will differ in their design but will be identical from a technical point of view to those offered by Dynafit in its binding line.